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Re: Re: Loyalty vs being robbed

.> Scott, my best lfs has about 15 employees and over 100 tanks and
> thousands
> of square feet of dry goods.  They will buy stuff from hobbyists only
> for
> store credit and charge 3-4 times as much as the mail order > places.
Sounds pretty close to robbery to me.<<

Well 15 employees for a pet store is quite a few, more than most LFS...thats
a lot of overhead. Plus leasing store space in California is completly
outrageous...then there is the cost of electricity...we all know what the
electric rates are like in California and the rates for businesses are
double what they are for consumers, business phone lines are expensive,
business insurance in California is the highest in the nation....I'd say
your LFS is lucky to still be in business! Robbery? I doubt it.

Robert Paul Hudson