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Loyalty vs being robbed - now ya'll

Up here in the far Northeast we don't have any 'ya'll,' an occasional 'yous'
"Yous gonna get that theyuh?"

Bob, my guess is that your answers are going to vary from the capitalist who
says buy wherever the price is lowest. Then there are the loyalists, who
want you to help support your LFS, even if they don't try to compete
price-wise. Then there's the small group of people, who like to try for a
bargain anyway they can; buy cheap, make it yourself, ask if your friend has
one, trade, talk down in price, ask for a sale etc.

A lot of us fall into each category. There are things I like to try and
build, hood, yeast co2 thingy, cabinet for aquarium, room for aquarium.
There are also items that I don't want to spend much money on; hoses,
couplings, clamps, algae scrapers etc. Then there are the items that only
the LFS has; new plants, rare fish, better test kits, and items you don't
want to wait ordering for.

Finishing the restaurant design, because they started pouring the foundation
last week.