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Test kits --Lovely Reader Meter Made

Hach makes a nice spectrophotometer for only about $4,000.00.  Start saving your pennies now, or get chummy with a buddy in a local college or university.  You can get nitrate accurate to the nearest tenth of a part per million.  For those of you who want to pinch pennies, Hach makes portable model for only around $2,000.00.  What are you waiting for?
Paul Krombholz

Sounds dirt cheap Paul. Can I have two?
What the heck, I'll have one of the portables too!

Test kits --Lovely Reader Meter Made -- Seeing (with an electro-spectrophotometer) is believing
They don't directly read the substance in question, but you can get machines that accurately read the test colors for you.  Unfortunately, spectrophotometers are pricey.  Hach wants about 4 grand but the LaMotte is less than half that at $1500 or so -- "well, if I had a second tank it might be worth it." ;-)  
 Scott H.

Yes, I too have played with the tought of having a mashine "read" the shade of the colour and report this in digital numbers.
But a fullfeatured spectrophotometer seems to be a little overkill (at least for my wallet).
If I was a tinkering man I would convert a used elderly digital camera into a reader to place the testube in.
Unfortenately I can only provide ideas. Building the darn thing without a detailed "how to" instruction, is way beyond my capabilities.

Anyway, thx for the input guys! It's nice to know that the mashines are out there, should I ever get more money than a horse has hairs, I might even get myself one or two of e'm :-)