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Re: Tank safe paint

Scottt wrote:

Polypropylene tubing, often used on
in-ground sprnkler systems can sometimes be found in small diameters
that might be suitable for your aquaria use but clamps and compression
fittings are probably required.

I use that stuff for 1/2" tubing. It just so happens that CPVC fitting
work with that tubing inside the tank. You cannot glue one to the other
so I wouldn't use it outside the tank. The sprinkler section of Home
Depot has this material in short lengths and it is suitably black. I
wish I could find some 1" or 3/4" ABS but I have never seen it. PVC is
the cheapest and most suitable material for what I do. You get the best
glue joints with PVC when you prime the PVC with a solvent just before
you glue it. It has occured to me to prime the PVC before painting and
the paint would then bond better with the PVC as it would be melted
right into the plastic. Tom's idea about coating with polyester resin
seems like it would be better than epoxy as it too will disolve a
solvent based paint and create a chemical bond. None of these things
would be very good for the fish unless they were fully cured.