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Re: Tank safe paint

Chuck H said, in part:

> Overall,
> using 
> Schedule 80 PVC, which is essentially grey in color, is the best
> compromise 
> I have been able to make over the long term.  It's not perfect but is
> much 
> preferable to the stark white of schedule 40 and isn't susceptible to
> scratching or flaking like paint can be.  But, I haven't tried
> marine-grade 
> epoxy paint.  I would think it should have better adherence
> characteristics 
> than more common paints and should certainly behave well under water.

Whether it does will depend more onthe binders than the epoxy resin,
which is already cured before it is gournd up and added to the paint.

Have you tried ABS plastic pipe instead of PVC?  It's black and
sometimes cheaper than PVC.  It uses different solvents in its glue,
but no matter, it holds up well enough for household plumbing -- it
ought to work for aquaria.  Polypropylene tubing, often used on
in-ground sprnkler systems can sometimes be found in small diameters
that might be suitable for your aquaria use but clamps and compression
fittings are probably required. 

Scott H.

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