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Re: More lights = Higher pH levels

> From: "Greger Lindstrand" <greglind at algonet_se>
> Subject: More lights = Higher PH levels
> Yesterday I doubled from 4 to 8 tubes of 36 W on my tank and the PH level went from 6.84 to 7.19!
> I have 2 hypothesis:
> 1. Removing the cover glas has given free access to gas exchange over the complete surface area. Wheras before, the cover glas trapped some CO2, thus hindering exchange.

	This quite possibly led to a lower CO2 concentration in the water.

> 2. The increased bubbeling has increased the surface agitation and thereby excited the gasexchange rate.
> Is an increase of the PH level, an expected reaction, when one adds more lighting?

	The faster growth could also lower the CO2 concentration.  You got a 
pH increase of 0.35, which implies a drop of CO2 concentration by a factor
of 2.2.  That seems quite feasible, particularly if there isn't a supplemental
CO2 system.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada