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Re: More lights = Higher PH levels

Did you say you removed the glass top?  With a glass top, CO2 that
leaves the water can tend to accumulate in the airspace between the
water and the glass top in higher concentrations than the ambient air. 
CO2 might escape from the water into the ambient room air more quickly
than into the more CO2-concentrated air tht was "trapped" between the
water and glass top.  So removing the glass top might allow more CO2 to
escape the system, thereby reducing it's effects on pH.

Try reversing the action and see if the result reverses.  If this is
what has happened, you can decide whether it's better with the glass
top off and the CO2 turned up (CO2 is pretty cheap) or with the glass

Covering a tirckle filter on a CO2 injected tank can help reduce CO2
loss, so I imagine covering a tank can have the same effect -- and vice

Scott H.

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