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Re: Tank safe paint

I have some wood, yes wood, blocks in the corners of the tank next to the
overflow. They are there to prevent grack (scientific term) from collecting
in the corners. I painted them black with a standard oil-based paint. (Any
black paint will probably work in this setup.) Then I put two coats of
fiberglass resin over the paint. Sand between coats of fiberglass resin
because the first coat makes micro-bubbles. Then I attached the grack-blocks
to the tank corners (glass/acrylic - don't ask) with regular tank-safe

Painting/fiberglass hint - drill a 1/4" hole in the piece where it won't
show, or where it will be sealed by the silicone, and insert a 1/4" dowel
that you can hold while you paint. Then cut off the dowel and patch the hole
before installation.