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Re: Tank safe paint

Wayne Jones said, in part:

> Anything I have tried only works for a little
> while. It does make the tubes nearly invisible though while it lasts.
> I
> will try black epoxy but I have my doubts that it will stick to PVC.

Once submerged, many paint binders change enough to loosen their grip
on the substrate (in this case, not gravel, but a piece of pvc).  This
can also happen with the binders in epoxy paints.  Epoxy paint has
finely ground cured epoxy resin mixed in with the pigments.  Epoxy's
toughness is thereby lent to the paint.  But that toughness doesn't
necessarily translate into adhesion.  However, if you actually coat a
tube with a continuous layer of epoxy (allowing the resin to cure in
place) the cylindrical sleeve of cured epoxy will become a rather
durable jacket that won't fall apart and reveal its containment.  It
would be hard to make the epoxy coating smooth, but the irregularities
might help hide the substrate.

Scott H. 

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