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re: Tank safe paint

Ghazanfar Ghori wrote:

 Thanks for the advice. I think I'll paint vs. corkbark. I
 built an overflow using 1" PVC. It going to go behind some tall
 plants. I think painting it black, should help conceal this
 pretty well. For some reason I cannot get Java moss - or any
 moss for that matter to grow in this tank. Everything else
 grows like a weed. Its not something in my tap water - moss
 grows just fine in my other tank. Maybe the C. japonica
 are eating it.

I have black backgrounds on my tanks and white PVC intake tubes.
Naturally I also want to make the PVC black. So far I have not managed
to make this happen. Anything I have tried only works for a little
while. It does make the tubes nearly invisible though while it lasts. I
will try black epoxy but I have my doubts that it will stick to PVC.