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Re: Tank safe paint

I've had the same trouble that Wayne describes.  *Thoroughly* scuffing the 
PVC with a very fine grade sanding paper before painting helps 
significantly.  Also, the thinner you can make the coat(s) the better.  A 
spray gun is very handy for this if you happen to have one.  Overall, using 
Schedule 80 PVC, which is essentially grey in color, is the best compromise 
I have been able to make over the long term.  It's not perfect but is much 
preferable to the stark white of schedule 40 and isn't susceptible to 
scratching or flaking like paint can be.  But, I haven't tried marine-grade 
epoxy paint.  I would think it should have better adherence characteristics 
than more common paints and should certainly behave well under water.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee