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Re: Re: pH testing

>>I think that approximately 10% of the male population is at least
color deficient, (at least that's what my eye doctor told me), and can have
varying degrees of difficulty distinguishing some subtle color differences.
I'm in that 10% myself. If the poblem is slight and you are aware it, you
can sometimes train your eye-brain combo to compensate. Many years ago, in a
course I took on Color Theory (from an art perspective), my teacher
explained to the class that you could train yourself to distinguish many
more subtle differences than an untrained eye can. It can come down to
having proper viewing conditions <<

Well I will tell you James, I have a favorite dark, jet black shirt I have
had for ten years. In my younger days I thought I was real cool dressing as
the man in black hitting the clubs...that is until a young lady asked me why
I was wearing a dark green shirt with black pants. To this day no matter how
long I stare at it, it still looks black to me! I simply cant see it. I
still like the shirt, I just don't know what to wear it with anymore! :)

There are many people out there that are totally frustrated with test kits.
At one time I had four different test kits, and I would get four different
readings, (even with my color blindness I could see four distinct
variations) Lamotte is expensive, and seems somewhat complicated to use for
many people. I think this is why many people don't use any test kits PERIOD!
You'd be surprised at how many people don't, even professionals who install
maintain aquariums...people like Jeff Senske, (I hope he doesnt mind me
speaking for him) Wether you use no test kits or cheap test kits, I don't
know that it matters...without an accurate picture of things you are playing
guesswork and struggle more with CO2 and algae, but for some people that is
acceptable.  It was acceptable for me.


Robert Paul Hudson