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Re: CO2 reactor for very small aquariums

That's cool! I've used the vorex-principle by shooting up the CO2-enriched
stream into a glass bottle:
With yeast and no needle valve to adjust the bubble rate it got a bit to
efficient for
my 8 gallon experiment aquarium =)
Looking at the vortex is quite stunning btw.

> The Vortex Power Jet Reactor is only 4" X 4" with a motor/pump attached
> creates a vortex-whirlpool jet stream that dissolves the CO2 completely
> a sponge media before sending the enriched water out into the aquarium. It
> is extremely effective, as effective as any larger power reactor, and
> enough to use in a five gallon aquarium. It has a built in bubble counter
> and a high quality suction cup.