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Re: Lighting a 15 with AH Supply nee Fe in Water Column

Jeffery Ludwig said, in part: 

> Right now I'm working on a high-light 15 gal, 55W 6400K PCF from AH 
> Supply.  . . .

Wow.  That's not unheard of but that's a lot.

> I've been browsing around Dennerle's site and also referencing this
> with 
> Scheurmann's text and have concluded that my lighting levels may be a
> little too high. 

If you have the AH Supply 1x 55watt PC kit, you might consider changing
to a 40 or 36 watt bulb -- they will work on the same ballast.  Just
because the devil comes knockin' doesn't mean you have to dance with
him.  Otoh, if that's what you like. . . ;-)

Scott H.

Scott H.

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