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Re: Wiring (amateur)

Greger Lindstrand asked about wiring fixtures in parallel or series:

This is not a matter of choice; it has to be done right.  If the lamps
wer made so that each individually is intended to be connected by
itself to a household mains, then definitely all the lamps should be
wired in parallel.  When you plug multiple items into wall sockets on a
house mains curcuit, those items are electrically wired in parallel. 
In that situation, each item has across it's power terminals (where the
household curent is connected)  the full household voltage (nominally
120 volts in the US).  

If you wire items in series, each item will get a "proportional share
of the 120 volts."  Not good for items meant to have 120 volts across
their power terminals. 

Scott H. 

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