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My use of LaMotte tests is similar to Scott's in that I started with other
kits and was frustrated by *my* inability to get a reading I *felt* I could
trust.  I had been ordering from Pet Warehouse (now Dr's) but when I wanted
the Fe test had to go directly to LaMotte.  I was ordering refills based on
the item numbers found in the kits.  Recently discovered other, more
economical, quantities are available.    Here are examples for two commonly
used tests, iron and nitrate---

Nitrate test                    quantity            cost                unit
Mixed Acid Rgt.            60ml                6.95                0.12
                                    120ml                10.50
                                    250ml                14.95
                                    500ml                22.50

Nitrate Reducing Rgt        5 g.                6.50                1.30
                                       10 g.                9.50
                                        30 g.                21.85

Iron test
Iron Rgt. 1                    15 ml                   4.35
                                    30 ml                    4.95
                                    60 ml                    5.25
                                   500 ml                    12.60

Iron Rgt 2 Pwd.            4.5 g.                   8.50                1.89
                                    10 g.                    9.65
                                    30 g.                    16.95
                                    50 g.                    26.20
                                    454 g.                  136.10

Of course I reordered the smallest quantities available several times before
"discovering"  that other quantities are available.  Keep in mind - shelf
life i.e. iron is about 3 yr.

Also, I have not included item numbers in this post.  If you are considering
ordering based on this information I would suggest calling or emailing
LaMotte and asking them to send you a price list.  Then organize a order and
call them back.  They emailed me a list in Excel format that has nearly
4,000 items.  You may also email me off list and I will forward the price
list to you. Keep in mind that LaMotte would rather be selling to Pet
Warehouse, corner aquarium store, etc.  so when calling to place an order be
prepared.  The folks at LaMotte are very friendly and helpful!  It is
important not to tie the lines up with excessive questions that result in
$50 order.

None of this gets around the fact that LaMotte tests are more expensive to
begin with, however, for those of us who, "feel the need", the price break
in the above quantities is welcome relief.

Jay Reeves

P.S. never tried the table izing - hope it works.