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Re: Snakehead fish

>Does anyone know the fish's native distribution?  Is it a temperate or 
subtropical >fish?  If it is a tropical species, this may well be over come 

The Snakehead (Toman) is from Malaysia, and certain areas of Africa.  
However, although a tropical species, the size of the fish caught would 
indicate that it had survived several winters in Md.

>Here in Florida, they dynamite stretches of water from time to 
>time checking the percentages of natives vs. introduced species that float 
up.  >Curious to know why don't the Maryland authorities just wire and nuke 
the whole >pond with dynamite and be done with the problem? 

Agree.  However, dynamite wouldn't be as effective nor as elegant a solution 
as Rotenone, which would efficiently kill off all fish in the pond.  They 
also need to check all surrounding ponds, to see if the fish has managed to 
migrate.  This needs to be done quickly, before the fish has a chance to 
spread out.  Delays here can only be counterproductive.

This whole incident spreads a very negative image of irresponsible aquarists 
who carelessly release unwanted fish into local waters.  If aquarists don't 
want a fish, and can't find it a new home, it should be euthanized.  It 
should never be flushed, as that only puts it out in the sewer system, and 
from there it can make it into streams and ponds.  In the case of the 
Snakehead, that's all it needs to take it from there and move out.

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