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Re: Reflections on "Chrome Vinyls"

Jonathon mentioned as a reflector material:

> Look for a 3M product called Silverlux Silver. 95% reflective if
> memory 
> serves me. Adhesive backed, great stuff to work with. 

I believe Wright has mentioned this stuff before.   It uses silver for
the refelctive material because it doesn't oxides --- of course,
forming sulfides (i.e., silver tarnish) is another question (what my
sterling silver can tarnish?)

I don't know how hard this stuff is to get if you want ot make your own
refelctors, but the lighting industry has lots of companies that use
this 3M stuff to make their reflectors  -- here's one example


The trick is to find a place to buy small lots.  Miro has the same
problem.  AH Supply is the only source I know of for buying one at a
time -- and that's with kits.

Scott H.

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