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Snakeheads, Off Topic & Plants...

Good Morning Folks,
     (Well, it is morning here...)  Dwight asked about the Snakeheads that
have been found in a Maryland pond.  While I trust the media to get more
information wrong than they get correct, I will pass along what I have
heard/read/seen.  My understanding is that it is one of the asian species
from temperate China and CBS news last Thursday night said that they were
released last year.
     The Washington Post has some decent articles which you can find at
the following URLs:


     They did quote one of the Natural Resources folks saying that this
brings out the dangers and economics costs of introducing exotic
species.  'Ya always have to look for the bright side!  Since I have been
reading this list I have seen a couple messages about exercising caution
to ensure that our plants do not escape. Episodes like the above are a
powerful reminder of why it is vital to continue to make the effort to
keep them in our aquaria/ponds and out of the natural waterways.
     I feel obliged to make a short comment about off topic posts. I have
been exceedingly impressed with the contributors of this list to maintain
a civil discourse and keep the off topic posts to a minimum.  I have been
reading newsgroups, mailing lists and discussion fora since 1984(ish) and
I can not recall a group that does a better job of staying on target than
this one.  Heckfire, y'all have not had a single flamefest about which
direction the toilet paper roll ought to be hung!  <<grin>>
     Finally, I want to once again offer to send some Water
Sprite (Identified as Ceratopteris cornuta or C. pteridoides by the
helpfull members of this very group.) to anyone who donates to the defense
     Thank you for your time and attention.

Chris Damour