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Re: co2 Injecting -- Laughing all the way to the bank

Jack (Jrquicker) said:
> I was talking to a friend about co2 Injection and told him that I was
> going 
> to start Injecting co2 into the Intake side of my eheim2126 pro11
> filter, he 
> laughted when he heard this and said that if I did it that way that I
> would 
> kill all the good bacteria in my filter. Well just how do you inject
> into the 
> filter any way? 

I'm not sure what your friend thought you had in mind, but if it was to
inject CO2 into the siphon intake on your filter, you can tell your
friend to save his energy and read up on CO2 -- this site has lots of
past posts on canister injection.  

Your filter bioculture won't be killed off.  Lots of people
successfully use this method.

Run a tube from your CO2 source to the inlet on the siphon tube inside
your aquarium.  You might need to melt or drill a small whole in the
screen/grill that covers the end of siphon tube.  Because the water has
little CO2 in it, it will absorb the CO2 -- but the CO2 enriched water
is being pumped out and new water pumped into the filter constantly. 
So the CO2 levels in the filter will not climb so high that the good
bacteria will die off.  If the filter stopped running, for example, due
to a power outage, probably the worst that would happen is that the CO2
would keep bubblng and eventually fill the siphon tube enough to break
the siphon.  A long power outage can cause a die off in your filter

Some folks find the canister injection method noisy -- there's a sound
when the impeller hits a bubble of gas.  More rarely, some folks have
had filters apparently lock-up due to too much CO2 accumulating in the
filter and keeping water from the impeller.  

To use your canister filter as a reactor chamber costs much less than
using a separate reactor chamber -- specifically, it saves the cost of
the reactor chamber.

Scott H.

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