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Re: Iodine

Hey gang,

John Fitch asked about me citing iodine in fish food
and trace mixes.

Any quality flake is made with fish/shrimp meal as a
primary ingresient. Any seafood will be loaded with

As for trace mixes, I may have made a mistake in a
way. Flourish by SeaChem cites it on its bottle.
Without looking I just assumed it was in the Tropica
mix as well. 

Does anyone know about Sera or Dupla? 

Sorry about that, but almost everyone uses some kind
of flake and my tap water has a small amount as well.
Very small;) Should be enough based on the success
I've had with these critters even in tanks with no
fish for long periods.

Furthermore, my experience with chlorides and shrimp
would make me cautious of adding sodium chloride,
iodine or not.

Sorry for the mis-information, TMG lovers:|

John Wheeler  

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