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Re: co2 Injecting

>>I was talking to a friend about co2 Injection and told him that I was
to start Injecting co2 into the Intake side of my eheim2126 pro11 filter, he
laughted when he heard this and said that if I did it that way that I would
kill all the good bacteria in my filter. Well just how do you inject into
filter any way? If you inject into the return side of the filter won't you
lose most of your co2? I need some good advise on this ,and if any one can
help me out I would be very happy.  Thank You--------Jack<<

My answer is simple. Get an Aqualine 500 reator for $27, and put a Rio 50
pump for $15 on it. Problem solved. Takes less than five minutes to hook up.

Robert Paul Hudson
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