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RE: Sword Plants

> Hello Folks:
>  Could someone please explain if there is a
> difference between a Red Rubin, a Veronica?, and a Red
> Hormani.  I don't know which I really have, and I
> don't know that there really is a difference.
> Thanks, Diana

From my own experience with both red rubins and red Hormanni, the hormanii
seems to be a deep red (almost purple).  The red rubin is more of a light
wine red.  The green leaves on the hormanii are more jade in color, whereas
the rubin's green leaves are green.  My observations are based on having red
rubins and red hormanni in the same tank for appropriately the same amount
of time.  The rubin does seem to grow faster.  I have never owned Veronica.

I hope others answer, since I would like more information as well.

Also check out APD V4#275 (May 10, 2000) and APD V4#1594 (Feb 6, 2002) and
do a search for rubin.

big D

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