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Re: Vacation

Rachel Sandage suggested procedures during vacations:

> 1. Leave everything the way it is, but no additives (NPK, Fe)
> 2. Leave everything the way it is and have a neighbor dose the tank
> once or twice while I'm gone, or
> 3. Turn off the lights & the CO2 and let it get only diffuse natural
> sunlight, no additives.

I would use #1 or #2, but hesitate making changes like #3 just before a
trip. That is because when making rather radical changes like #3, I
would like to monitor it carefully for a few days to make sure I haven't
done something deadly to the fish or plants.

I have been away for about 5 days and used #1, with the exception that I
dosed a little heavier before I left. I was worried I would come back to
a tank melted down because of no dosing for the plants. What I came back
to was a tank with heavy growth that needed a good pruning, but overall
everything fine.

I guess the question Rachel is asking is this: We know the fish can go
some time without being fed because they find all sorts of things in the
tank to carry them through, but how long will the plants go without
being fed CO2 or daily dosing? Any other thoughts?

Ed Dumas