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I will soon be going away for two weeks on vacation. My husband will be here 
for the first part, and is willing to dose fertilizer and do a water change 
before he goes. While we're both gone (about 9 days) I am thinking of three 
possible solutions:

1. Leave everything the way it is, but no additives (NPK, Fe)

2. Leave everything the way it is and have a neighbor dose the tank once or 
twice while I'm gone, or

3. Turn off the lights & the CO2 and let it get only diffuse natural 
sunlight, no additives.

The tank is a 72 gallon bowfront, 220W AH Supply PCF, canister CO2, pretty 
heavily planted. Currently dosing N, P, K, baking soda and Seachem 
Equilibrium. GH=KH=5, pH =6.8-7.4 or so.


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