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Re: vacation

> Question:  Should I add nitrate (KNO3) to the TMG solution in the
> doser?  Will it keep for 3 weeks and is this a good or a bad idea?  I
> could add PO4 as well, which, in my situation is necessary twice/week (I
> normally do weekly 30% water changes).

I'd pass on PO4. It drives the rest of the uptake rates even faster. Lower
light? If you can(2w/gal if so).
If someone can feed the fish that would be great. TMG, maybe 2x a week,
lightly though.

I'm not a fan of liquid dosers. I've used simple gravity feed evaporation
top off and level sensor-pump coupled devices. I've added the nutrient to
the make up water.

IV drip is another idea.

I'm just trying to slow things down rather than "making it through". I can
redo things and re adjust when I get back from vacation. Main thing is to
make sure nothing dies etc.
I've never had much issues with algae when I get back. I know I'm going to
have a good work out on the tank no matter what.
Typically, this is the time or (one month) that I did servicing.
One guy had one of those dosers. I don't think he used it right, even though
I showed him etc. I added stuff to the top off system instead.
But if someone can come over, setting the stuff to add in neat piles for
them once a week should be enough.
Or you can remove everything and sell off the fish like me:)
Tom Barr