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Re: Trace elements

>>What I use is TETRA Florapride. It's got all the trace elements a plant is
ever going to need. Besides, it's economical, because it acts as a liquid
fertilizer too.
Besides, containing Iron, manganese, and potassium ... the three chief
elements, it also contains sulfur, Boron, and a host of other things [ too
long to list ]. It is also nitrate and phosphate free.
This is not an ad. Just a good product.<<

Actually Tony, unless they have drastically changed their formula lately,
thats not true. Florapride contains only potassium and iron, nothing else.
This is the official  analysis : Iron and Poatassium Analysis: Soluble
potash = 3%, Iron = .02%, derived from potassium sulfate and ferric sulfate.

One of my articles is an ingridient comparison of several fertilizers which
I obtained the info direct from the manufacturer. Now I havnt updated it in
a while, so if Tetra has changed the formula in the last couple of years it
wont reflect that, but I havnt heard of any change.

One tip..it would be easier to follow conversations if you put "re:" in the
subject header so we know you are not starting a new thread.

Robert Paul Hudson