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Sessiliflora answer

I just found a good way of searching Aquatic Plant Digest with google
by placing "site:fins.actwin.com" together with the words 
"sessiflora long between leaves" 
I found an answer to my question why my girlfriends lowtech/lowlight 
60l tank without CO2 gets more beutiful and bushy sessiliflora growth
than my highlight CO2-maxed 310l tank:
James Purchase suggest that it might be caused by the wrong type
of light.
My girlfriend has a 15 watts Sunglo and I have 4x36 watts Grolux.
I'm about to pick up two Osram Biolux now after work. It will be very 
interesting and see if the sessiliflora changes it's growth pattern.

Btw the 50% waterchange-method works GREAT. Never has my
tanks looked this good. Thanks Tom Barr (which I think was the
first to mention this weekly nutrient-reset-method?).

// Daniel Larsson, http://www.akvarie.net/defdac/

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