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Re: cycling plant tank

>>You can check a few sites, Jared's and Chuck's come to mind. Basically
you'll never see any "cycling" in a properly set up plant tank. The process
is stopped at the gate.
Plants suck up the small amount of NH4 that's in the water from the start.
It simply doesn't ever get a chance to build up and turn into NO2 and NO3.
Some rotting plant/snail and various other critter waste etc will slowly
give rise to some filter bacteria but this not that much concern unless you
plan on a very high/too high fish load for this size tank.<<

Thank you TOM! I have been saying this for ages, and its been a pet peeve of
mine constantly reading in other plant forums all the hype about fishless
cycling. A complete waste of time in a well planted tank. It just doesnt
make any sense to add amonia to a planted tank before adding fish.

Robert Paul Hudson