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PH Calculation Please

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their responses to my
Co2-KH-pH question.  I mistakenly came to the conclusion that KH followed PH
when injecting Co2.  (who knows why, probably because most of what I read
clearly identifies PH as adjustable with Co2, does not discuss lowering KH,
but does relate the two)  Some privately offered their advice while others
thought it a great opportunity to vent publicly!  No matter, thanks to all
for the valued input!  I (again) believe that I have it down.

CO2 lowers pH, but does not affect KH (bicarbonate concentration)
CO2 concentration and KH _together_ set the pH
Increasing KH raises the pH, increasing the CO2 concentration lowers the pH
(thanx Paul) <smyle>

For my next feat, I will attempt to ask the question:

(I believe) that if I mix 1.5 gallons of 0 dkh RO water with 1 gallon of 15
dkh tap water the resulting KH will be 6 dkh. Now, if I mix (the same water
as above) 1.5 gallons of 6.0 pH RO water with 1 gallon of 7.6 pH tap water,
what will the resulting pH be, and why?

Thanx in advance!!

Michael from tranquil Northern Indiana where the Amano Shrimp are wondering
where all the "bicarbonate concentration" came from...