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New Haze fiollowing UV use,

Well, here are a few things to consider. Some may apply, others won't.
The reason water sometimes comes out hazy out of a tap is usually [ not by
any means always ] because it is under high pressure. This creates zillions
of tiny bubbles, as the pressure is relaxed, that gives the water a milky
haze. It should clear on short standing, or agitated with a teaspoon. If it
isn't that; anything else could be dangerous to your health.
You may have to use the UV sterilizer again, if you haven't done anything to
your water chemistry to make it a bit better.
Plants will encourage various unicellular organisms [off which they feed] to
be present. This may be responsible for your haze.
It could simply be a case of too many of these unicellulars. Get some more
fish, and keep feeding to a minimum.
Make sure you have very good filtration. Some of the haze may be simply
particulate matter which your present filter is not picking up. A simple
sponge filter is excellent for this kind of job.
A bacterial bloom doesn't take days to develop. One minute the water is
clear, the next minute it starts clouding up. So it can't be that.
My suggestion, is that you improve mechanical filtration, run the UV
steriliser again, get your water parameters perfect, and watch for results.
I will repost if I think of anything else.

Don't get your knickers in a knot.
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