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Calculating values

Thank you all for both on and off list advice & hints on how to calculate the CO2 level !
Its been really intresting to read :-)

One of the answers (se below) leads to another problem...
As for an ideal level of CO2, the recommendations I've seen range from 10 to 30 mg/L.  I keep my well lit tanks around 20 - 25mg/L and get excellent growth.
<end quote>
Namely, what IS the ideal level (range maybe) of ANY of the tests we use?

I come across a multitude of advice, here and there on the net. Some say CO2 should be no more than 35 and some say 30 maximum. Even 25 maybe.
Same goes for FE. recommended levels vary.
etc. etc. ? Is there like, a table of all values and ranges, avaliable?
On the net maybe?
Maybe someone has compiled one themselves?
I'd be greateful if you could share it, if so.

Best regards
Greger Lindstrand