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EZ Ballast CF lights??? Azoo tests?

Greetings, aquatic-plants people,
I am looking here at the latest "Dr.s Foster&Smith PetWarehouse" catalog.
   There are several items that have caught my attention, and I was
wondering if anyone here might have any experiences to offer up with
these items.
    First, there are these "EZ-Ballast Compact FLourescent" systems.
IT looks to be a compact ballast, wiired to the encaps and the
electrical plug, all sealed.  ou just stick a bulb in this, mount  it
in your hood, and plug it in. They have single and double ballast,
straight and square pin arrangement sets for sale.
    This really has me interested.  I may try these out this fall, but
I'd appreciate opinions on them.  And this leads me to a few more
CF questions.  the straight-pin versus square pin arrangement setups
cost the same price.  is one better than the other for any reason?
bulb availability, price, etc.?
    And, do I understand correctly that the higher the temperature the
less yellow, and more "blue" or white" the bulbs appear?  What about
"actinic" bulbs?  are they only good for reef? are they very blue
looking?  What bulbs would you recommend?
    The other thing that has caught my attention in this catalog is an
AZOO test kit set.  It has a test for CO2 and one for Iron for $11.49
Is this any good?  Anyone ever use one of these?

Best regards,
 Celtic                          mailto:chrys at addr_com