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Re: Substrate dosing

I think that this method has been made way more complicated than it need be.
I use a 20cc plastic syringe barrel (get them at the pharmacy, hack off the
needle attachment) to inject whatever I want into the substrate. Mix up a
liquid concentration of KNO3 or K2SO4 or CSM micromix, (or any combination)
and fill the syringe, shove it into the substrate, and push down on the
plunger like a neuroin addict hungry for a fix.... Well, you get the idea. I
usually include a little red clay to pre-bind the fertilizers. I can inject
about 100cc of concentrated "PMDD" into the substrate of a 90 gallon before
it starts to leak back out into the water column. Algae feed off the water
column, why dose there at all? (I do, with K2SO4, for reasons of