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Re: Flying SAEs

Scott H asks;
> What's old age for one of these?

I'm not certain what's considered old. But from my own experiences, I'd
venture a bet of some 8 or more years. I "inherited" one from a friend, who
got it from a friend, and it had to be somewhere around 3 years old at the
time I got it. It lived with me for another 5 years or so.

Speaking of Flying SAEs, they are professional jumpers. The above mentioned
SAE travelled to my house in a Ball jar. I had the jar open, and was going
to acclimate it in a bucket. That was my plan, the fish had it's own ideas.
I heard a "swoop" and then a "flop". It had ejected itself from the jar onto
the floor. To this day I'll never figure out how a fully grown SAE could
gather enough umph in a small jar to "fly".