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Re: Eheim 2126/2128 with salt water?

joe reiter wonders if he can retrofit his 2126/2128 for saltwater use
and doesn't have an Eheim address.

You used to be able to call up a screen from which you could send an
email message to Eheim.  This was possible on the German
(http://www.eheim.de) and the USA (http://www.eheim.com/) web sites. 
The German web site still retains the phrase "Have you any questions or
would you like to leave a message?" on the *Contacts* screen but you
can't leave a message.

Eheim used to sometimes answer email, sometimes not.  A few months ago
it wrote back to me to say that the the reason the 2x28 had a higher
water flow listed than the 2x26 was because Eheim used the higher
tolerance number for the 2x28 (both filters have identical pumps and
parts except the height of the canister).

But a number of other emails were never answered.  I think they expect
their dealers to answer all your Eheim questions.  Directing you back
to your local dealer -- if that isn't dealer support, I don't know what

But then, the email system did give very good results anyhow.  ;-)

Scott H.

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