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Re: Roots

Hey Gang,

Thanks Tom for that lecture. I hope that I got all the
right; I only read it once. I have a couple of
questions to kinda go along....

What, again, is the reason to add an enriched
substrate if you are going to add the required
nutrients into the water column? It seems that we
could get maximum sized foliage for our set-up with
the plant drawing all of its goodies from the water
column. A plus in my book. It would also be a boon to
the cause if there were minimal root growth for things
like rearranging and gravel tidiness.

What would be the effect of a low-light situation on
water column dosing with no enriched substrate. IME,
this doesn't work all that well. Granted I wasn't as
patient with this scenario. It seems that algae was
the better competitor in that realm. (not that you
advocated this. I'm just wondering if you had any
thoughts on the subject)

John Wheeler

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