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Re: Fish stores in CT?

Hi Bailin,
If you are near Norwalk, you might want to try giving Norwalk Aquarium a call (203-853-7477) to check out their plant selection. They have a web page through Eheim, and they say "We are an aquatics-only specialty shop with a large inventory of live cultivated plants, imported and domestic Goldfish and Koi and a pond supply headquarters. We have owner-grown lilies and lotus, Fiji & Bali live rock, unique marine invertebrates, over 20 saltwater aquariums of fish and over 100 freshwater aquariums. We receive new livestock at least four times per week. Hobbyist sales of tank-raised livestock are welcomed."

I have never been to this store, but I have heard that it is a very good one.

Kristin Goedert, who grew up in Ridgefield  

<<<Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 21:06:56 +0000
From: "Bailin Shaw" <bailin_shaw at hotmail_com>
Subject: Fish stores in CT?

Hello All,

I just recently moved to Connecticut and am looking for good stores around 
here that cater to planted tanks.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I've 
visited a small number of stores in the area, but most of plant deficient.

Thanks for any suggestions.