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Fast growth

Scott wrote  >>But is no one going to admit that
growing plants quickly is fun for some folks because
we enjoy making things happen, even in small systems,
and we like to see results sooner rather than later,
other things being equal? I don't mean that we are
power freaks nor that this is the *only* goal of *any*
aquatic gardener nor that we are generally impatient
people -- if anything, growing plants well teaches one
patience. But getting the balance right, dosing the
nutrients and then seeing the Vals really take off,
that's kind of neat, especially if they have been
languishing for a long time. I don't want to make too
much of this, but looking deep down, I think it can be
one of the goals. <<

Sure, growing plants fast can be neat, and one can
feel the joys of a job well done when that fast growth
has resulted from good work.  There, I admitted it.
;-)I certainly never thought there was anything wrong
with manipulating plant growth in your aquarium to
either increase or decrease growth rates.  All I can
say is “Bravo!” to those who can and do coax their
plants to grow fast.  Enjoy what you like about this
hobby.  It’s supposed to be fun.

I have responded to some posters in the past that had
misgivings about their aquariums.  Their thoughts were
that, at some point in the future, they would have a
“real” planted aquarium.  This was a little perplexing
to me because these folks had written that their
aquariums were doing fine – yes, the occasional bout
with algae or other problem, but the plants were
growing and doing fine.  In my estimation, they had a
real planted aquarium.  Even if they weren’t happy
with the aquarium, there was no need to feel poorly
about their accomplishment.  I echo that for the folks
who do like to coax their plants to growth fast –
enjoy your accomplishment and you have a real planted



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