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Skinny moss

Java moss grows kind of funny in my tank. The strands get really
skinny and thread-like with almost no branching, and the 'serrations'
get so small - you really have to get up close before you see them.
I gave a friend of mine some and it reverted back to thick and branchy.
One difference between the tanks is that I've planted the moss in a high
area, while my friend has it planted in the 'shade' of an Amazon sword.
Second difference is that his tap water contains phosphates whereas I
have almost none and have to add some in - but I only recently started
dosing phosphates.
Anyone with similar experiences?
Is this some kind of nutrient deficiency, or is it just because of that fact
that its in a high light area?
Ghazanfar Ghori
ghori at nospam_ghori.net
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