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Re: Naughty Devices

Scott Hieber wrote:

"Generally, this only happens if the other devices are behaving badly,
leaking too much RFI, feeding back too much harmonic distortion into
the house wiring.  Such stuff is out there, but I have never come
across one.  If you find this problem, it would be wiser to seek out
the naughty device rather than give up the safety provided by the GFCI."

All of the fishtanks in the house are prone to trip the GFCI when the light 
switches are turned off (not on). Most likely is the Eclipse system 6, 
followed by the Eclipse 2 hood. Sometimes it happens when I turn off the 
powerstrip which runs the 2 heters & filters on the big tank, and very, very 
rarely when I turn off the light on my son's 6 gallon no-name hood. It never 
happens with the 10 gallon kitchen tank.

What I am confused about is, is it the device which I am turning off which 
is "naughty", or something else on the circuit, and how would my husband 
(who knows an amp from a volt, unlike me) figure out which one it is?


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