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Re: External CO2 Reactor

I'm looking for a new way to get co2 into my tank.  The smaller external co2
reactor sounds like exactly what I need.  I am currently running a 20 gallon
tank, but I am expecting to upgrade to a 75 sometime in a year or so.  If
anyone has one of these, knows where they are sold or has some basic
pictures/plans that I could use, I would appreicate it.

Also, if anyone knows of a place to get a small section of clear tubing that
I could use in the construction, please drop me an email.  Something like
2-3 inch diameter and 12"-18" length... something that I can adhere to PVC
endcaps to make the reactor complete.

Thanks, Chris

> On the other end of the spectrum is the elegant design by Tom Barr for
> less money.  It uses it's own small powerhead, which is included in the
> about $40 price and contained bio-balls.  The Barr design hangs on the
> back of the tank,

> I don't know if he still makes and sells these these items -- where
> does he find the time?  But if so, he can tell you where to see one and
> how to obtain one.  When they were commercially produced, I think
> Robert H. handled them also.