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Re: Support your LFS

I see quite a few posts from people who want to support their LFS but who
prefer to buy the big items--where there is the biggest savings--online.
But without those occasional larger purchases, how will they stay in
business to carry the smaller things that you need right now, today, and
can't wait to get from online?  If you don't support the local shop, it
won't be there in the future, or won't be able to carry that good inventory
that you so appreciate.

I look for healthy fish, and a variety of plants, and enough
evening/weekend hours so I can get there.  In my local area all of them
carry some plants that are not "true aquatics" (you can see the label
"terrarium" on some of the submerged pots), and most employees wouldn't
know whether a plant was truly aquatic or a look-alike terrarium or
houseplant, and none of them have ever warned me about that (I bought at
least a half-dozen different non-true-aquatic plants before I got tepoot's
book to be able to tell the difference).   At least, none I've yet found.
There is one about an hour away that advertises in the local aquarium
society newsletter, saying they don't sell "wet houseplants".  I look
forward to checking them out, but since my CO2 setup and redoing substrate
with 100% fluorite, it may be a while before I have any "holes" to fill
with new plants......!