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All my fish are dead. Ceramic CO2 diffuser warning.

     All my fish are dead.  About 60 tetras, SAEs, ottos, Corys, AFFs, et al. 
were all found floating in my 100 gal. planted tank in my office this 
morning.  Cause of death: asphyxiation due to CO2 overdose, a result of 
misuse of a new ceramic diffuser.
     My CO2 reactor wasn't working properly.  After playing with it for a 
couple weeks, I bought a ceramic diffuser.  I had no experience with one.  
The CO2 did not flow through freely.  I adjusted the CO2 pressure to a high 
level to get any CO2 through.  I left for the night.  
     Apparently, after a number of hours of use, the gas does flow freely.  
Very freely.  When I arrived this morning, it was bubbling like a Jacuzzi.  
     The Ph was off the low end of the charts.  Given my Kh of 8, this told 
me I also had super low oxygen.  Even the snails are dead.
     I hope this saves someone from a similar disaster.  Be careful with a 
new ceramic CO2 diffuser.

David S. Brown            

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