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Re: Bio lessons - Thanks, William

Thanks William!

Id be happy to hear what your mom says about biology
texts.  You can e-mail me off-line on that one; I
doubt anyone else on the list cares. ;)

I managed to introduce both hydra and daphnia/cyclops
into my planted tank and had them thrive for a while,
then they mysteriously disappeared. They would
probably disappear very quickly if you had a lot of
fish. Maybe some sort of netted sump or reef-tank-type
refugium setup? The easiest method might be just a
separate tank.  The key to the daphnia is lots of gw
etc. and few/no predators (fish);the key to the hydra
is lots of daphnia. ;-)

I was hoping to avoid a separate tank for the
micro-critters, but I may have to go that way. 
Perhaps your refugium idea is the way to go....  Oe
maybe we will just keep cultures of some live food
critters.  That, in and of itself, would be a valuable
to my then-7yo daughter: Youre homeschooled?  That
means you never go to school?
My daughter: No, it means Im *always* in school.

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