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Re: K2SO4

Tom Wood said:

> I called around, and around, and around, and finally found one place that
> said they had Potassium Sulfate. Plenty I asked? Oh yes, stacked to the
> ceiling. Wonderful. I drive across town. Stand in line while the person in
> front of me buys forty odd unmarked items. Then I get to the counter and ask
> for my bag of fertilizer. Shuffling through the notebook. Phone calls. More
> shuffling through the notebook. How about Magnesium Sulfate? No. Potassium
> Nitrate? No. Ummmm... We don't handle that sir. They called me sir.
> I called ECO Enterprises 1-800-426-6937 and ordered ten pounds. But I just
> know that it's here in town somewhere.

I have found a Hydroponics shop in my town (West Coast of Canada) which
has EVERYTHING I have every dreamed of, and several hundred other things
I have never even heard of, all available for immediate purchase on
their shelves. Just down the road from them is another nursery which can
order anything in you ask for, and they really like to order in 50 lb
bags. It seems that the cost of a 50 lb bag is not much more than a 1 or
2 lb box, because of inexpensive chemicals, and costly packaging.
(Anybody have any idea how long a 50 lb bag of Calcium Chloride will
last?!) Anyway, I feel good that I have something to cause others some
envy! ;-)

Does anyone know if these products are allowed to be shipped across the
border into the US, where it seems to me the access to these products is
most limited? I know there is one company set up to do this sort of
thing, but I was going to suggest to my local hydroponics store that
they get involved in that as well. The folks there are extremely
knowledgeable about keeping aqautic plants, too, because the owners used
to have a fish store before going into hyrdroponics.

Ed Dumas