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Re: K2SO4 and ECO Enterprises

I've bought all my fertilizers from Eco and have had no problem.  It takes
awhile to ship from Seattle to Virginia, but I get what I pay for without
hassle.  They also have PMDD trace mix made up if someone is interested.
They have a web page (www.ecogrow.com), but I have never been able to find
the chemicals that we use on it.  It's probably there somewhere. The PMDD
trace is not listed.  You just have to ask about it.  I have ordered K2SO4,
Ca(NO3)2, KNO3, K2HPO4, and the PMDD mix from them.  Those are mainly the
ones that we use, so if anyone is interested, they have it.  I have a
catalog that lists the other chemicals they sell (about 20).  If you were
looking for something else, mail me off list, and I'll tell you if they have

(Insert usual disclaimers.)

Ben in Southwest Virginia
(Is there anyone else out here?)

> Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 11:15:07 -0500
> From: "Tom Wood" <tomwood2 at flash_net>
> Subject: K2SO4

> I called ECO Enterprises 1-800-426-6937 and ordered ten pounds. But I just
> know that it's here in town somewhere.
> TW