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Re: Name that deficiency

I wonder if for some reason iron would not stay chelated in solution 
andtherefore could not be measured, the other nutrients in TMG could 
poisonthe plants. There is no reasonable way to measure this but 
excessmanganese is readily absorbed by plants and can produce toxic 
symptomssuch as black spots. Manganese might still remain in solution even if 
itwere not chelated. I keep thinking on how some people have reported 
thatwhen they switched to triphosphor lamps that plants did not do so well.If 
the those lamps are capable of undoing the trace element chelationthen maybe 
there is an explaination there. UV light seems to be able todo this. Maybe 
the high energy peaks of a triphosphor lamp can do thisas well. It does not 
seem reasonable that plants alone could accountthat amount of trace elements. 
Where is the stuff going?Wayne

that's what I want answered where is the iron going. Is it being used up? to 
eliminate the toxicity of traces other than Iron I'm going to try 30ml 3x a 
week and then boost the iron up with straight iron and see if it stabilizes 
eventually. I really don't think it's a toxicity of traces though, but I 
definetly could be wrong. I never get black spots, But there is plenty of 
holes in some plants

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com