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Re:Name that deficiency

Paul wrote:

Calcium levels of around 80 ppm should be fine.  Since TMG contains boron,we 
can also rule out the other nutrient whose deficiency causes death ofgrowing 
points.  I don't think that 40 ppm of potassium is excessive.  Theplant in 
your pictures looks like Ludwigia.  Is all the Ludwigia affected?Your said 
that Didiplis also looked bad.  Same symptoms?  Are there otherspecies in the 
aquarium that are unaffected?  Any relationship betweenlight intensity and 
degree of severity?  I am wondering if we have atoxicity or a disease.  I 
have not had any experiences with diseases that Iknow of, but they are a 

Not all of the Ludwigia is affected but most of it. The Didiplis is just not 
growing. Bacopa monnieri is doing fabulous, vals are doing great glosso is 
doing great. I have lots of holes in the new leaves of swords, and the growth 
is small, but rapid. The main plant that shows these deficiencies is the 
Ludwigia but it actually gets better closer to the light-Higher intensity. so 
this would probably mean a toxicity symptom? I took top cuttings and planted 
them and these are the most affected stems. As of today things actually look 
a lot better, I'm getting healthy new growth out of the Ludwigia and the 
Didiplis appears to be starting to grow since i've been adding more traces 
and did a water change without adding K. I still can't keep an iron reading, 
and my N still isn't being used up. If you go test your tank right now after 
not adding traces for over 24 hours, will you get an Iron reading? Doesn't 
Didiplis need lots of iron? This tank is so close to being beautiful if I can 
just get this deficiency, toxicity out the way. like a said there is 
practically no algae on any plant except the Didiplis and I haven't wiped the 
tank walls in two weeks!!! What a change from every two days when my co2 
wasn't right! thanks

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com