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Nigerian banks

Gamera wrote:
Has anyone else on this list received a weird e-mail from “Blessing 
Musa” regarding importation of goods into Nigeria and the use of 
personal bank  accounts to hold millions of dollars?  

I got that message too. This is an ancient scam that seems to have 
made the electronic leap. Basically, they are trying to get your 
account info and will then empty your account. Since I'm a 
prosecutor, I sent them a nasty email telling them I would be filing 
charges. The truth is, these scams are almost impossible to prosecute 
since the authors are outside the country. I would just delete the 

Back to topic, Has anyone used the plant fertilizer plantGuild Gold? 
Is it comparable to PMDD? I guess I'm not quite ready to do PMDD but 
would like to find a pre-made PMDD gefore I begin my life as a PMDD 
alchemist. Thanks.

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